FHI projects

Projects that I work on at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI)


I joined the Department of Infectious Diseases Epidemiology and Modeling in October 2020. I work on the real time surveillance system, Sykdomspulsen, which links hundreds of national registries on infectious diseases to inform local municipality doctors on current outbreaks. At this very moment, the most severe outbreak is still Covid-19; in addition we also inform about other respiratory diseases, symptoms and gastrointestinal infections.

See here for the description in Norwegian at the FHI website. Currently we are still improving the documentation with examples in English of Sykdomspulsen. Here is an working description.

FHI packages

Our team also develops open-source R packages. Here are a few that I have been working on:

For a complete list of open-source R packages developed by our team, please see our github.